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Yoga For Equestrians


Awaken and revitalize those riding muscles from the winter by attending this four week yoga series that focuses on improving the desired qualities of a rider such as body awareness, flexibility, balance, strength, and relaxation. These classes will not only better connect a rider with their own body but also help improve the connection and understanding between horse and rider.This Series is a week to week progression that focuses on using the body awareness and alignment that one develops practicing yoga with the fundamentals of riding to better connect horse and rider.


What to Expect:


Breathe work and core strength


Learn different breathing exercises that allow the rider to relax and focus in all equestrian disciplines. Integrating core work with balance to develop that ideal centered riding position.


Legs and hips (Lower body practice)


Practicing different poses that allow the hamstrings to stretch and the hips to open allowing the rider to feel the horse underneath them. This allows the rider to develop a quiet yet effective leg and seat aid.


Shoulders/neck/arms (Upper body practice)


Using different shoulder opening poses and spinal alignment that allows a rider to maintain a tall, balanced position while still relaxing into the horses movements.


Creating your own at the barn practice


Discussing and practicing modified yoga poses that can be performed at the barn before each ride. Creating your own practice to best suit your own riding goals and objectives.



Workshop offered:


  • 2 hour workshop

  • What to expect: Lecture, Demonstration, and Practice

  • Instructor: Kelley Shetter-Ruiz

  • All levels. No yoga experience necessary.





  • $50


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Workshop Policies


  • Arrive 20-30 minutes before the workshop to sign in, get settled, and find your space.

  • Bring any props you wish to use in your practice, such as a mat, strap, block, blanket, and practice rug. If the instructor requires props, they will be listed under What To Bring in the event's description. It is your responsibility to bring those items.

  • Remember to bring your own towel & water.

  • Don't wear perfume or cologne.

  • No cell phones are allowed in the studio! Ringing cell phones and pagers are extremely disruptive to the energy of the class. Please allow yourself to be "unplugged" while you are here for your event.

  • The studio opens 30 minutes before and will remain open 30 minutes after your event.


Workshop Cancellations:


  • For cancellations over 72 hours, you may receive a full refund or transfer your registration dollars to your MindBody Account. You may use your account credit toward any purchase.

  • For cancellations 72 hours or less before the event, no refunds or credits will be given.

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