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Teacher Training Application are addicted to yoga! You started a yoga practice to reduce stress, reconnect with yourself, build strength, get more flexible, or maybe even get back that pre-baby body. You became a “yoga junkie” – seeking out classes, workshops, even retreats to deepen your practice and discover more about yourself. Somewhere between your first down-dog to mastering a posture you once thought beyond you, a transformation took place.


You became an addict to the calming feeling that carries through your day. To the new love and respect you have for yourself and your body.  To the yoga class after-glow. To the new way you look at life.


This seems to be how many of us find our way to the path of yoga teaching. Our passion for practicing yoga turns into a passion for sharing yoga.


We know you wanna just eat, breathe, and sleep yoga. But the minute you decide to take any sort of an advanced studies course and/or teacher training…this practice isn’t just about you. It’s about sharing yoga with the world and we are excited! 


Maybe this is your first step in deepening your knowledge and practice. Maybe this is your leap of faith toward becoming a yoga teacher.  Or maybe this is your way of advancing the trainings you have already completed.


No matter where you are on your yoga path, we are exctied to partner with you for your next yoga journey chapter!



Your Application Process Begins Here!

Applications need to be received two weeks prior to the program start date along with a nonrefundable $100 application fee.  This application fee will be applied to your total tuition cost. Spaces are limited and filled in order as qualified applications are approved


Once your application is received an interview may be scheduled with the Program's Director or Lead Instructor. Please understand that application to the program does not guarantee acceptance. The interview process is an ideal opportunity to have any of your questions regarding the program discussed.


Applicants will be notified of acceptance by e-mail.


Once Accepted

Once we receive and approve your application, you will need to place a nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot in the program you desire.  You can find your program's deposit and tuition requirements under the program's informational page. This deposit is also applied to your tuuition cost.


Ready, Set, Go!

Your first step is to complete the application below!

Your Next Steps

Thank you for your application submission!  Your next step is to be pay the application fee of $100.  This fee will be applied toward the tuition of your program.  Your application will be reviewed once your application fee is received.  We are looking forward to meeting you!

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