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Private Yoga Training

A private yoga class is a transformative tool for any one seeking to reach their highest potential. Athletes can benefit from Yoga's unique ability to prevent injury, Busy and Successful people can benefit from Yoga's incredible ability to relieve and eliminate stress. Children and Teens can benefit from Yoga's calming and empowering aspects. Those who have experienced emotional trauma, illness, and disease can benefit from Yoga's deep healing. Everyone can benefit from Yoga and Yoga is for everyone, you do not have to be physically flexible only willing to see what will happen.

One-on-one yoga, much like personal fitness training, is tailored to your specific needs. These 60-minute sessions allow you to work privately with a yoga teacher to create a practice that makes sense for your body and your level of experience. While all yoga supports you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, one-on-one yoga lets you work on what makes sense for you, at your own pace. Your private session(s) can be taught as a single session or a designed series.

There are several reasons why you should add private sessions to your weekly practice. They're helpful if:


  • You're a beginner and you want to get started in yoga without being overwhelmed or intimidated

  • You want to go to the next level in your practice or work more in-depth

  • You have injuries (back, knee, shoulder) or health concerns (women's issues, stress, arthritis, chronic headaches, insomnia)

  • You want to work toward a specific physical goal such as increased flexibility, balance, or strength; target problem areas like tight hips or hamstrings or weak knees, or increase your mental focus in a particular sport or activity

  • You want to add yoga to your weight-loss or strength-training program

  • You want to cross-train for marathons or triathlons, etc.

  • You want to learn more about yourself; gaining awareness without judgment

You can also sign up for semi-private sessions (for you and a friend) or invite up to 3 others to join you for a trio or quad private session.



1 Person, one 1-hour private $100

1 Person, six 1-hour privates  $540 ($90 per session)

1 Person, ten 1-hour privates $800 ($80 per sesssion)


Duo privates

2 People, one 1-hour private $130

2 People, six 1-hour privates $720 ($120 per session)

2 People, ten 1-hour privates $1,100 ($110 per sesssion)


Trio Privates

3 People, one 1-hour private $195

3 People, six 1-hour privates $1,110 ($185 per session)

3 People, ten 1-hour privates $1,750 ($175 per sesssion)


Quad Privates

4 People, one 1-hour private $260

4 People, six 1-hour privates $1,500 ($250 per session)

4 People, ten 1-hour privates $2,400 ($240 per sesssion)


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