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2010 Costa Rica Retreat

This year had unusual circumstance:the entire East Coast was under snow. Due to crew problems, four of us made it out of the country on time, but seven braved a few days in Chicago. They made the best of it and had a good time wandering around in their flip flops! They even go to go to Costa Rica by way of Chicago to Miami to Guatamala to Costa Rica!! Rather than arriving on Saturday our 'lucky 7' got to Pura Vida on Monday night and even have some cool t-shirts to prove it! Thank heavens!!


We spent our time relaxing, doing yoga, and indulging in Pura Vida's infamous body treatments! We had the unexpected pleasures of Luna Ray singing her kirtan 'Climb' as well as Andrea Wivchar, a mezzo-soprano sing Ava Maria in our savasana . It brought tears to our eyes in both instances! One of sayings of this week was 'being Nicolized'. One of the body workers, Nicole, did an awesome job with oil. It was a sensory overload and we have yet to figure out exactly what was going on other than pure bliss and how much olive oil was used in the treatments. I think some of us still are pouring our olive oil not only on our salads but also drizzling it over our heads as a reminder of the emotional high that only staying at Pura Vida can give!!


Significant bonds were made by all and it was a true transformational journey! WE had many firsts in yoga postures: headstands, pressing to headstands, handstands, side crows, wrapping in Parsvakonasana, jumping from down dog to handstand, King Pigeon (Rajakopatoasana) and being on our mat twice a day. We had a student led practice where each student shared their knowledge an each one benefited! WE also played with the new jungle gym, ran/hiked in the coffee fields, played with the TRX, salsa danced, participated in silk acrobatics, and drummed. Some of us whitewater rafted, zip lined, discovered the waterfalls, read by the pool, had mind-blowing massages, and uncovered a bit of ourselves in watsu.


I can not thank of all of you who came, who endured the setback of a Chicago stay with open yogic hearts, and for those of you who come year after year. It is such a fantastic journey not only as an individual, but also as an instructor! Cheri, thank you so much for yet again the most AMAZING photos (see our slide show)!We look forward to 2011!


Thank you for making our lives enriched and challenging us to become better each day.


Trish & John

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