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All of our instructors teach yoga from the foundation of the 8-limbed path as set down in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Our asana practice comes from the study of the methods of Pattabhi Jois and Iyengar. We honor all authentic asana systems and encourage our students to find the yoga system that suits their needs best.

We embrace a slow, patient, methodical approach to the mastery of asana. We do not insult, injure or physically abuse our students, and do not believe in an aggressive approach. We feel that growth can not occur through ambition, competition, straining, or pushing oneself or one’s students into postures they are not meant to be in and/or are not ready for. Beryl Bender Birch states: 'Patanjali feels that asana should be a balance between soft and hard, noninjurious, and an aid to meditation.' We feel the same and that is why all of our instructors are knowledgeable and well-practiced in hands-on assists.

We are all students of yoga and of life. We learn from one another. Together we can create a great space, a fantastic community, and a loving and healing environment.


"You are forever creating your reality through what you are thinking." ~John Kehoe


We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Carrie

Carrie was first drawn to yoga in 2008 when she was in law school. Carrie started practicing Ashtanga Yoga and continues to embrace the physical challenge of the vinyasa yoga practice. For her, yoga has provided a sense of calm and quiet in a very hectic life. She focuses on teaching faster paced Vinyasa Flow and Power classes. She embraces non-traditional music and merges styles and moves. Carrie believes a tired body creates space for a calm mind. When not on her mat, Carrie enjoys spending time hiking and trail running with her dogs. She is an avid OCR racer and enjoys swimming, biking, and kayaking.


Yoga Certifications: Soleil Lune Yoga School 200hr


Other Certifications: Admitted to practice law in Wisconsin and the Federal Eastern District of Wisconsin.


Meet Jane

Jane Brotski completed her 200 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training certification with YogaOne in 2016. She was personally drawn to yoga to strengthen the body while calming the mind and nervous system. After nearly a decade of seeking alternative methods to ease stress and anxiety, she found her greatest sense of peace and grounding from a regular yoga practice.


Dr. Jane Brotski is a chiropractor with over 24 years of experience specializing in women’s health issues.  She holds a diplomate degree in chiropractic pediatrics and a certificate in nutritional counseling. She is an Anatomy and Physiology instructor at Madison Area Technical College for the past 15 years. In 2017, she completed Mindful Educator Essentials training through Mindful Schools and offers mindfulness training to youth.


Yoga Certifications: YogaOne 200hr


Other Certifications: B.S. in Human Biology, Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, CPR Certification for Healthcare Provider, Nutritional Counseling Certification

Meet Jamie

Jamie discovered yoga in 2001. She fell in love with the peaceful, soulful, yet challenging aspects of vinyasa yoga, and continued practicing casually through college and after. Years later Jamie dove deeper into yoga and meditation to manage anxiety and knee pain, which proved to be successful. After moving around the country several times, Jamie and her family landed in Oconomowoc, WI where she discovered Soleil Lune Yoga Center and completed her 200-hr Teacher Training.


Jamie teaches a well-balanced vinyasa class. She wishes for her students to find serenity on their mats while connecting their mind, body, and soul, and to leave class feeling a sense of peace, love, and trust in the universe that they can carry through their daily lives.


Aside from yoga, Jamie enjoys nature, music, traveling, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and German Shorthaired Pointer.


Yoga Certifications: 200hr Soleil Lune Yoga School

Meet Ilse

Ilse’s first experience with yoga started through a beginner’s yoga course at UW-Whitewater (yes, you can take yoga for college credit!). Ilse continued to practice yoga throughout pharmacy school and used it as a way to manage stress and stay active. As her love for yoga grew and she became a licensed pharmacist, Ilse knew that she wanted to pursue yoga teacher training in order to help others live their healthiest life. After meeting Trish to discuss the RYT program at Soleil Lune, Ilse signed up on the spot and couldn’t be happier about that decision!

With Ilse’s passion for yoga, teaching, and helping others, she is beyond excited to be teaching classes at Soleil Lune. Outside of yoga and pharmacy, Ilse enjoys staying active along with her husband, Kevin, through running, biking, skiing, and Crossfit. They are also avid dog lovers and have a wonderfully sweet pup named Pearl together.


Yoga Certifications: Soleil Lune Yoga School 200 hr


Other Certifications: Doctorate of Pharmacy, Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, CPR/ACLS certified, UW-Madison School of Pharmacy Teaching Certificate

Meet Kate

Kate Yanke completed her 500 hour Vinyasa Flow teacher training certification with YogaOne. She began her yoga practice in 2003 and hasn't looked back since! Kate has studied Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow through various teachers, but takes her greatest influence and inspiration from Trish Washburn and Meg Galarza. With a background in dance and competitive swimming, Kate finds herself drawn to a strong, fluid, and dynamic practice on the mat. She is passionate about the benefits of movement and breath for body, mind, and spirit. She hopes to help her students find joy in their own Yoga practice and to also take the time to find the joy in their lives. Life is too short to not have fun living it! In addition to loving yoga, Kate also loves to surf, stand-up paddle board, cook and spend time with her husband, Scott, and spoiled-rotten dog, Frank.

Yoga Certifications: YogaOne 200hr, YogaOne 500hr, DeafYoga's Visual Yoga Certification: able to accommodate Deaf and HOH students in class through visual cues and limited ASL vocabulary. Although the teacher is not fluent in ASL, basic yoga-related vocabulary will be used.


Other Certifications: Adult/Infnant CPR, First Aid, AED


Visit Kate's Yoga Website

Meet Laura

Laura Romlein became interested in yoga as a way to stay active and reduce the stress of daily life. As a cardiac critical nurse, Laura sees the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and the importance of stress reduction. As an RN, she teaches people how to manage their illnesses. Laura chose to teach yoga as a way to empower people to take control of their health and prevent the disease process. As a geriatric resource nurse, Laura also sees the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and joints. When not practicing yoga, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband, two step-children and dog, Gretta. She is an avid gardener and also raises African Grey Parrots.


Laura received her 200 hour yoga teacher training from YogaOne in Cedarburg, WI. She is also an RN, BSN, and is ACLS and CPR certified.


Yoga Certifications: YogaOne 200hr


Other Certifications: RN, BSN, ACLS and CPR certified

Meet Patti

Patti’s yoga journey started years ago when she was traveling for work and decided to take a yoga class for a change of pace and to pass the time. Little did she know the positive impact yoga would have in her life. Patti’s yoga practice continued to grow, providing physical activity and stress relief. After settling back in Wisconsin, Patti set out to find a yoga community. Her journey took her to Soleil Lune Yoga Center where she not only found a yoga community, but was also inspired to pursue her 200-hour yoga teacher certification, which she completed in July 2017.


Patti likes the sense of community and connection created through yoga and enjoys sharing yoga with others. Whether she’s teaching a gentle class or a power class, her style is very grounding, helping to create some balance in our hectic lives. Patti enjoys learning from others and incorporates a little bit of everyone into her teaching, whether it's music, flow, or something else. She is truly a blend of everyone she has encountered throughout her journey.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Patti enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Yoga Certifications: Soleil Lune Yoga School 200hr


Meet Sheila

As a Licensed Psychologist,  Sheila practices from a holistic, mind/body philosophy to promote health and healing in her clients. She discovered yoga for herself 5 years ago, and quickly experienced the benefits. She began researching the many well documented emotional/psychological benefits of yoga and became convinced she needed this tool in her therapy toolbox. Soon thereafter, Sheila received an email from Soleil Lune offering the RYT yoga teacher training program and days later she enrolled in this life transformational process.


Sheila is excited to offer a blend of her training, expertise and experience in these Yin Yang classes. She strives to assist in your empowerment and restoration, as we enjoy the practice of yoga together.

Yoga Certifications: 200hr Soleil Lune Yoga School

Visit her website:


Yoga Certifications: Soleil Lune Yoga School 200hr

Visit Sheila's Hope For A Better Tomorrow Website

Meet Susan

For years Susan has said that she began her yoga practice to manage back pain, but she realized that wasn’t the entire answer. From her first days on the mat, she was there out of curiosity. This still holds true for her today. Susan believes yoga offers us an ever-changing mind body exercise that can encompass every aspect of our being. It gives us a place to grow stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. Every day, there’s something more to learn.


In 2016, Susan had the good fortune to complete the Empower Yoga's 200-hour yoga teacher training program and has been teaching ever since. While she will always appreciate a fast, sweaty flow, recently she has been focusing on a gentler approach to yoga, making it accessible to a broader spectrum of our population.


Outside of the studio, she has a bike-mad husband of many years, a wonderful daughter, along with a crew of cats & chickens fiercely guarded by her little Havanese dog, Suki.


Yoga Certifications: Empower Yoga 200hr

Meet Trish

Trish Washburn received her teacher trainings from Kriya Temple, Alignment Yoga and has studied with numerous yoga masters. She has over 2000 hours of Teacher Training and has an avid thirst for self-study. Her fluid, fun style comes from her own experiences and from being open to different teaching styles and has deemed her style 'a yoga mut'.  She loves participating in all styles of yoga. Trish is inspired by the deep transformations of body, mind, heart, and soul that yoga can engender for practitioners.


Trish's teaching style is fun, creative and non-judgmental with an emphasis on releasing everyday stress and negative attitudes to experience the joy yoga brings. She brings a fun modern edge to her Vinyasa & Power classes by incorporating unique and modern music, dynamic flows and challenging variations to the practice. She is firmly grounded in alignment principles and an avid fan of yoga philosophy: lessons in yoga, perhaps lessons in life. Trish believes that people are drawn to yoga for many different reasons and within each class students are encouraged to tailor their practice to their individual needs. Always open to questions, she is able to tailor classes to students' needs, and encourages acceptance of each moment as a necessary step along the path of well-being.


Along with being a wife and mother, Trish enjoys participating in any athletice endeavors, triathlons, paddleboarding and anything that builds upon her life as an ex-professional athlete.


Yoga Certifications: Kriya Temple 200hr, Alignment Yoga 200hr, Alignment Yoga 500hr, DeafYoga's Visual Yoga Certification: able to accommodate Deaf and HOH students in class through visual cues and limited ASL vocabulary. Although the teacher is not fluent in ASL, basic yoga-related vocabulary will be used.


Other Certifications: WPA, USA Cycling Level 3 Coach, CycleOps Power Indoor Cycling, Mad Dogg Athletics Star 3, AFAA, Sports Nutrition, BOSU Master Trainer, TRX, AAAI Yoga Instruction Phase I & II, Child Abuse Prevention, Adult/Infnant CPR, First Aid, Ki-Hara Internship, AromaTouch Certified.


“Yoga for me has been life changing. I am an asthmatic, sometimes stressed out working mother striving to maintain some sort of daily balance in my wonderful life. Trish has given me tools to maintain some balance at work and home. She is a gifted, passionate, healing and caring person in and out of class. Class is always a unique challenge for all ages and levels. I never hesitate to send my clients here. Watch out! Their energy and passion are infectious! ”



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