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On Demand Video Library

We are so excited to offer our students an On Demand Video library of classes! You can get your yoga anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet access.


Our On Demand Video Library is available to students who have unlimited monthly or yearly memberships.


Most of our studio happenings are available using our APP, however, the On Demand Video Library is only available through online connections.  Our library is continually updated with new classes being available all the time. We are currently offering three types of yoga classes: Sunrise Yoga, Gentle Flow, and Vinyasa classes.  Each video has the date of the original class, the date it was uploaded, the duration, the instructor, and a description of what you can expect from the practice.


Accessing On Demand Video Library

It's as easy as 1-2-3!!


  1. Connect to internet.

  2. Login to your account HERE by using the same email and password on your studio account.

  3. Select Watch Videos, find the class you want and click play!



Having trouble finding your On Demand Video Library?

Watch our simple tutorial video below!  If you have any issues with your account, don't hesitate in contacting us by texting the studio at 262-206-1285 or by emailing us at!


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