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2012 Mexico Retreat

This year we went to Xinalani, an eco resort outside of Puerto Vallarta.  We had to travel by boat to get there as there were no roads.  The resort is set on a cliff that overlooks the ocean and all of our rooms were open air (3 walls) withan oceanic view.  The ocean was thundersous agains tthe cliffside at night!


THe yoga rooms were a HIKE upstairs.  Stairway to heaven led us to the the oen air yoga room.  Midway up the stairway was the greenhouse yoga room and the mediation room.  Each evening we gathered on the dining patio and sat together until the sunset.  We spent the majority of time relaxing and taking long walks on the secluded beach.


Easter Sunday we walking into 'town' to go to church only to discover the open aired chapel was empty.  The local Pastor travles up and down the oceanside to various chapels and we had missed when he was there.  We sat in silence for a while in this amazingly simple church praying and just being in the presence of God and his amazing creation.



Thank you for making my continually enriching and for allowing me what I love to do.....teach yoga.




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