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Our Beginnings


The Soleil Lune Yoga Center was started by the miraculous connection of The Healing Bath and two yoga instructor's dreams, Trisha Washburn and Robin Philips, in the summer of 2002. The Healing Bath provided an environment that directly mirrored Trish and Robin's core beliefs in business practice, human interaction and life philosophy. Since that time, life’s journey has taken Robin and her family to the sunny south.


Trish has continued the Soleil Lune Studio and left her corporate job in April of 2003 to pursue her passion for yoga full time. She is continually blessed by the amazing students and instructors that find her and continue their yoga journey at the studio.



Studio Philosophy


We believe that each and everyone of us should honor ourselves and others no matter what place in life we are at. We should be gracious in the positive and negative gifts that life has to offer. With every pitfall comes a Divine pruning that enables us to grow and bloom into stronger more compassionate human beings.We believe the discipline of yoga takes a lifetime commitment in order to develop the consistency to achieve the still, calm, and peaceful mind that is alert each and every day.


We believe that our thoughts predestine our actions and through our yoga practice, we can learn a lot about ourselves and our thought patterns. We embrace the fact that our mats are our mirrors that reflect who and what we really, truly, authentically are.


The Bible says: "according to your belief be it done unto you" Mathew 9:29 and "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he" Proverbs 23:7


Dale Carnegie said: "Our thoughts make us what we are".


Buddha said: "We are what we think, with our thoughts we make the world."



What We Believe


The Soleil Lune Yoga Center is rooted in the Christian faith. We believe that God exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All are co-equal and all are one God. We believe that God created the universe by His power and Word. We believe that god is all-knowing, all powerful and ever present.We believe Jesus was sent mysteriously and wonderfully sent to our earth to be God in flesh. He is the perfect reflection of God's heart, character, beauty and love for all people. Jesus lived a sinless human life and offered himself as the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on the cross. Through faith in Jesus, we have been forgiven and brought into a right relationship with God. Jesus rose from the dead to demonstrate His power and authority over sin and death. He ascended to heaven's glory and will one day return to judge the world, restoring all things to God's original intent.



Our Owner's Self Practice Philosophy

On my mat I remember how to feel, how to let go, how to forgive, and how to grow. I choose when to challenge myself and when to back off, when to be bold, and how to be gentle. I find my balance. Yoga offers me a wordless place that I can find, deep in my breath where my mind starts to seem less important. I can move to build heat, to burn away my struggles, and to let my heart become free; free to feel. There is discipline in asana: shoulders on the back, pelvis neutral, feet rooted, spine long, inhale/exhale, rotation inward and outward reaching, keep focus on nothing but everything. I become completely present. I find forgiveness as I exhale. I am truly able to uncover my graceful self, easy in my own body, soft and grateful in my heart.  Within my practice, I find a place...a space...where I am complete with alive stillness connected to God. 



A Note To You From Our Owner


When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life! I have a true passion for fitness and helping others better themselves. We have the responsibility to take care of these bodies we were given. It doesn't come easy. We all need a little motivation and encouragement. According to Proverbs a man (or woman) without a vision will perish. Dream big. Be passionate. If you are persistent and consistent you will achieve your goals. If no one is laughing then your dream is not big enough. Do it. Your life is your message!Peace in...peace out. Have faith and do yoga!


With all the pieces of my heart, I can not thank you all enough for this wonderful gift of opportunity!!

Many Blessings,



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