Virtual Class Descriptions

Welcome to our Virtual Class offering during these unprecedented times! We are forever thankful foo all of you for your input and willingness to try new things with us as we build this together!


The relationships formed within this studio's community often feel like family to us and we feel the love from you all in so many unique, special ways. With grateful hearts we are seeing all of you hold us in place even as our physical doors have closed recently in these uncharted waters.  Our virtual studio is a result of each of you making this possible! You are all the heartbeats of this studio. You are the spiritual shareholders. You are responsible for this studio being open for the next person to discover the magic we know comes from this practice!  We can't wait to be back on our mats TOGETHER in the studio!!  Until then--Practice on and we look forward to continuing our practice virtually with you!

From the bottom of our hearts we say, "Thank you and We love you!!"

Your Soleil Lune Instructors



This is a Zoom live stream session of our scheduled in-studio class. Gentle Flow classes are yogis of all ages who want to improve their balance as well as increase their strength and flexibility. Yoga is a great way to build energy and calm the mind.

Classes are slow and gentle, allowing everyone to work at their own pace. Relax and unwind while focusing on: posture, balance, joint stability, muscle tone and breathing. 

Great for beginners & those seeking a slower practice.

Virtual Practice.  All levels.



This is a Zoom live stream session of our scheduled in-studio class. Power Flow is an amped up Vinyasa Flow class that incorporates advanced postures like handstands, other inversions, and arm balances! Find a deeper engagement in your practice with these advanced postures taught by teachers who LOVE to be upside down and sweaty! Variations add different levels of intensity, interest and challenge to the practice, while still allowing newer yogis to work at their own safe level. Offers a challenging, high-energy practice focusing on strength, endurance, and mental focus and meant for those who crave a true physical challenge.


Pre-requisite: Minimum 4 months regular Vinyasa practice or equivalent.


Robust and vigorously paced. Inversions common.

Virtual Direct Teach.  Experienced Levels.




This class is a ZOOM LIVE session and is offered as virtual led (follow-the-leader style) or direct teach (instructor teaches to student video feed) depending on the day you choose to practice. Rise and shine with this Vinyasa-based yoga class that offers a challenging practice that focuses on strength, endurance, and mental focus. This class moves slower to honor our bodies at the 6am hour. These cycles of postures are designed to awaken and build a powerful level of energy in the body. Variations and progressions add different levels of intensity, interest and challenge to the practice, while still allowing newer yogis to work at their own safe level.

If you cannot make the class time, simply register and a recorded version will be sent to you. Great option for those who do not have access to the OnDemand Video Library (available with monthly & yearly memberships).


Takes on many flavors from calm to robust. Slow to moderately paced.  Great for those seeking a slower paced practice.

Virtual. All levels.



LIVE STREAM Vinyasa Flow


This is a Zoom live stream session of our scheduled in-studio class. Open to all levels, Vinyasa Flow is sweaty and connects movement to breath. This class creates a balance between quick movement and steady pose holds while offering unique sequences designed by our amazing teachers. Expect to sweat and connect with your breath. This fun, engaging class set to upbeat music emphasizes moving in and out of postures safely, correct alignment, the power of breath, and the flow of sublte energy to quiet the chatter of the mind.


Vinyasa yoga is almost like a dance with synchronized breath and movements; the style and sequence will vary depending on the teacher, so try a few different intructors to find what flow fulfills what you desire in your practice.


Come discover just how good yoga can make you feel!


Moderately paced.  Some Inversions & arm balances.


Virtual.  All levels.


“Yoga for me has been life changing. I am an asthmatic, sometimes stressed out working mother striving to maintain some sort of daily balance in my wonderful life. Trish has given me tools to maintain some balance at work and home. She is a gifted, passionate, healing and caring person in and out of class. Class is always a unique challenge for all ages and levels. I never hesitate to send my clients here. Watch out! Their energy and passion are infectious! ”



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