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Teacher Outreach Program

Do you or anyone you know work in an Area School District? We are pleased to offer our Teacher Outreach Program to ALL SCHOOL DISTRICT staff!

The purpose of the Teacher Outreach Program (TOP) is to bring together the yoga and educational communities for the mutual benefit of both. The intention of TOP is to improve the mind/body health of schoolteachers so that they can better serve their students. From experience with school districts nationwide, Yoga Studios across the country have learned that if teachers experience the rewards of yoga through a regular practice at an affordable price, their lives and the lives of their students are transformed. When yoga studios serve teachers and schools, the whole community is enriched.



What We Believe

We model and teach yoga that develops what the medical profession has determined are the two key contributors to lifetime health and wellness:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management and self-care


When teachers regularly address the conditions of their mind-body states and know how to implement specific tools to support their health and well being, they create a harmonious inner and outer environment. Numerous scientific studies show this enhances and improves focus, concentration, creativity, responsible behavior and academic achievement. The same goes for their students!


Soleil Lune Yoga Center presents yoga as an ideal discipline for the mind/body fitness since yoga focuses on the integration of breath, movement and concentration. It makes us aware of our mind/body state and gives us the tools to be responsible for the condition of that state.


Yoga-education is knowing you have the ability to choose the positive path of health by shifting yourself from imbalance to balance, stressed to centered, angry to calm, anytime you choose. Soleil Lune Yoga Center provides programs for schools that are both affordable and easy-to-implement.




The Benefits of Yoga


  • Yoga is non-competitive
  • Yoga requires staying present
  • Yoga is practical, low cost preventative medicine
  • Yoga serves as the counter pose to the challenges of modern life
  • Yoga promotes physical, mental and emotional health
  • Yoga expands and enriches awareness and sense of self
  • Yoga brings inner harmony through experience and connection


What to Expect:


Gentle Flow yoga with hands-on assists taught to the level of class participants


Class offered:


  • Sessions: 4, 7, or 8-week Sessions

  • Tuesdays at 4:45 - 5:45pm September through May

  • Instructor: Cheri Cope

  • All levels. No yoga experience necessary.




  • 8-week session $64

  • 7-week session $56

  • 4-week session $32

  • Drop-in $10



View Schedule & Register


Session Fine Print:

  • Pro-rates and make-up class sessions are not avialable. There are no make-up classes unless the studio cancels class. If weather is severe there will be notifications on facebook, twitter, our website, and our voice mail.
  • Registration is non-transferable and may not be shared with spouse/child.
  • Registration is only valid for the designated specialty group classes within the session you are registering for! Specialty Group packages are not valid for on-going & community classes, workshops, special practices, special events, and/or retreats.



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