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Body Work

Here you will find a description of the body work we are currently offering at the studio.  Appointments can be made through your MindBody Account by purchasing your session and the bodyworker will then contact you regarding the date and time you requested. Once your request is confirmed by the bodyworker your session will be oficially scheduled.  You may also email or call the studio directly prior to purchasing.   We thank you for your cooperation!


Preparing for Your Session:

  • Our practitioners will arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to the start of your session in order to prepare themselves, the room, and equipment for you.

  • Please let your practioner know what you prefer and need.

  • Please allow yourself to be "unplugged" while you are with your practitioners.  This means cell phones off or better yet, leave them in your car! 



  • Soleil Lune Yoga Center accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards and check at the studio or you can use a credit card online to purchase your package.

  • All body work sessions require advance payment in order to schedule your appointment.

  • Your body work session dates are determined once payment is received.  You and your practitioner will schedule all your sessions in your package in advance.  This allows our practitioners to schedule themselves accordingly so that that they may allow ample time for travel between their appointments as well as for you to be prepared and have your self-time already carved out of your schedule.



Your time is valuable as is ours, so the following guidelines make scheduling your session as easy and as relaxed as possible for both of us!


  • There is a requirement of 1-week cancellation for sessions by our instructors to you or from you to our instructors.  Just like you, we are scheduling around our commitments.

  • There is an allowance of 1 emergency cancellation (within 72 hours of session) per package of body work sessions.  We realize emergencies do come up and we are willing to make special considerations should the need arise.  All other emergency cancellations will result in forfeiture of the session.

  • Any session no-show by the student will result in forfeiture of that session.

  • If our practitioners no-show or have an emergency cancellation for any reason other than illness or transportation distress, then you will receive a free session in addition to the missed session being rescheduled.


Thank you for your cooperation and we are very much looking forward to your appointment!

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

Ki-Hara is a from of flexibility, strength training, and core work is like no other workout you have ever done before.  This new modality of training refined by Steve Sierra and Anne Tierny of Innovative Body Solutions stretches and strengthens the body dynamically while energizing the core and training the whole body eccentrically and concentrically.

The basic concept to Ki-Hara is that the muscles are strong THROUGHOUT their ranges of motion and it is not how long they are, but whether they are strong throughout that length. Strength and flexibility go hand-in-hand keeping the muscles more stable and strong.   Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone seeking better fitness, the benefits of training both concentrically and eccentrically are numerous including: strength, recovery, injury prevention, and the results are LASTING!!!

For every individual, Ki-Hara can help the body function better as a whole to lead to safe movements and pain-free living.  It is low impact and great for people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels because you determine the resistance to fit your needs!

What To Expect

During the assisted session, we utilize a technique of muscle, deep tissue, and fascia release called 'Mashing' to help loosen up muscles, flush toxins, and get maximum results. Our philosophy is to create balance and efficiency in the body. The body is moved how it moves in real life--both concentrically and eccentrically and multi-joint/multi-movement rotations that grab more of the muscle fibers. There are 16 basic stretches that cover 16 major muscle groups of the body and all help improve overall health and well-being.  Your session can be focused on upper body, lower body, or full body.  Upper and lower body sessions run from 1-hour to 90-minutes.  A full body session typically lasts 2-hours and a familiarilty with upper and lower body Ki-Hara exercises is required. Please be prepared to work and sweat as this is not a form of massage.

Following the workout, you will feel an instant release of tension as well as a burst of energy as the muscles are stripped of toxins and lactic acid and replenished with fresh blood and oxygen!


Trish Washburn, Ki-Hara Method Resistance Stretching Intern

Half Body session: $65

  • Choose upper body OR lower body focus

  • Typically lasts 1 hour to 90 minutes.

Full Body Session: $150

  • Must have previous upper and lower body Ki-Hara familiarity.

  • Typically lasts 2 hours.

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