Meet Your Retreat Instructors

Hello and thank you so much for your interest in the Tapas Soul Retreat!  We are excited to share a fantastic week of yoga, sun,  jungle and some self excavational-journey work with you!  We look forward to your yoga jounry inward and outward!


Lila & Trish

Meet Lila

Lila Lolling has dedicated her life to uncovering the benefits of India’s ancient teachings. She is deeply influenced by the sacred scriptures, as she has been witness to their power and magic as they guide her towards Inner Peace and God. Her loyalty to the Saraswati Lineage has enabled her to dive deeply into the many layers of Yoga's teachings. She has been closely affiliated with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization since 2000. She has participated in both their 200hr and 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs as well as numerous other philosophy programs. She has lived at various ashrams for over three years and continues to teach there and visit annually. Lila is also the founder of the DeafYoga Foundation, a non-profit dedciated to sharing Yoga teachings in Amercian Sign Language (ASL) and training Deaf and Hard of Hearing yogis in their path to become Yoga teachers. She is a compassionate, spiritually educated, funny, authentic teacher who strongly believes that we each can embody the Peace we so desperately seek in life.

Meet Trish

Trish Washburn received her teacher's training from Kriya Temple, Alignment Yoga and has studied with numerous yoga masters. Her fluid, fun style comes from her own experiences and from being open to different teaching styles and has deemed her style 'a yoga mut'. On her yoga journey, She loves participating in all styles of yoga. Trish is inspired by the deep transformations of body, mind, heart, and soul that yoga can engender for practitioners. Trish's teaching style is fun, creative and non-judgmental with an emphasis on releasing everyday stress and negative attitudes to experience the joy yoga brings. She brings a fun modern edge to her classes by incorporating unique and modern music, dynamic flows and challenging variations to the practice. She is firmly grounded in alignment principles and an avid fan of yoga philosophy: lessons in yoga, perhaps lessons in life. Trish believes that people are drawn to yoga for many different reasons and within each class students are encouraged to tailor their practice to their individual needs. Always open to questions, she is able to tailor classes to students' needs, and encourages acceptance of each moment as a necessary step along the path of well-being.


“Yoga for me has been life changing. I am an asthmatic, sometimes stressed out working mother striving to maintain some sort of daily balance in my wonderful life. Trish has given me tools to maintain some balance at work and home. She is a gifted, passionate, healing and caring person in and out of class. Class is always a unique challenge for all ages and levels. I never hesitate to send my clients here. Watch out! Their energy and passion are infectious! ”



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